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4 Things Seniors Need To Age In Place Safely

Occupation Therapy

If your senior parent is getting older and it’s time to have a discussion about what type of living situation is best for them there are some things that you and your senior parent should know about aging in place for seniors. More and more seniors are looking for ways to comfortably get older in the homes they have rather than look at other options. And there are proven benefits for seniors who get older at home.

Seniors are often happier and healthier when they can spend their senior years in their own homes. But there are some safety concerns that seniors and their families can’t ignore. If seniors develop chronic illnesses, or have mobility challenges, or have an accident and fall then living at home could be difficult for them. But if your senior loved one is determined to stay at home as they get older there are things that help them age safely at home like:

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a type of therapy that can help seniors stay independent. That’s because it focuses on helping seniors maintain grip strength, improving hand/eye coordination, and improving other skills that seniors will need to perform daily tasks. With occupational therapy seniors will have an easier time picking up pots and pans, washing their faces, sweeping the floor, washing dishes, getting dresses, and doing all the other tasks that must be done if seniors want to stay independent.

Home Care

Home care is something that can help seniors of all ages and health abilities. Seniors thrive with home care because home care gives them the extra support they need to live safely at home. A care provider can help with housework, run errands, take your senior loved one shopping or to the gym, and provide any type of support that your senior parent needs to live comfortably at home. With home care support seniors will be able to live the life they want in their retirement years.

Good Relationships With Neighbors

It’s not always possible to maintain good relationships with all of their neighbors, but seniors who have good relationships with at least a few neighbors can thrive at home. Neighbors are a great way for seniors to socialize, and they are close by if seniors need help. With neighbors who can help keep an eye out for your senior parent and home care your senior loved one will have a great support network that can help them stay independent.

Senior Friendly Home Modifications

Your senior loved one’s home may need some senior friendly home modifications in order for your senior parent to live safely there. Moving a bedroom downstairs to create one floor living if the house has bedrooms upstairs is an important upgrade to make. So is adding a first floor full bathroom if there isn’t one. Improving the lighting, removing area rugs, and adding handrails or grab bars in strategic spots also can make any home safer for seniors.

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