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How Home Health Care Helps Seniors With Alzheimer’s

Home health care is a great way for seniors with Alzheimer’s to get routine medical care. Home health care can eliminate stressors for your senior loved one.
Home Health Care in McLean VA
Home Health Care in McLean VA

If you have a senior parent that is living at home with Alzheimer’s you should know that home health care can make it much easier for your senior parent to get routine medical care. Home health care provides basic medical care for seniors at home. That means that your senior loved one doesn’t have to go through the trauma and hassle of going to the doctor’s office for routine medical care. If your senior parent has other medical conditions besides Alzheimer’s like Parkinson’s, diabetes, or respiratory issues their health can be monitored and maintained at home by a home health care provider. Getting home health care for a senior with Alzheimer’s can eliminate stressors like:

Getting Showered and Dressed

For seniors with Alzheimer’s, the process of getting showered and getting dressed to go outside can take a lot of time. If you are trying to get them ready to go to an appointment and they need to be ready by a certain time it can be very stressful for you and for them. They could think that you are upset with them if you sound stressed or worried or impatient. And they could be fearful of going out if you sound like you’re mad at them. But with home health care there’s far less pressure to get them ready by a certain time.

Riding In The Car

Seniors who have Alzheimer’s sometimes find it very upsetting to ride in the car, especially if they don’t have a clear idea of where they are going. They may get upset and demand to be taken home. Or they may try to open the door and get out while the car is still moving. They also may try to wander off when you are getting them out of the car or getting their walker or cane out of the car. Home health care eliminates the need for long uncomfortable drives for your senior parent.

Waiting In Unfamiliar Locations

Waiting in the doctor’s office can be very difficult for caregivers and seniors. Caregivers often find that they must provide constant distraction in order to keep their parents from wandering off, talking to others, or getting upset because they don’t want to wait any longer. And that puts a lot of stress on caregivers. If the doctor is backed up and the wait is long, it can be a very unpleasant time for everyone. But there’s no waiting with home health care, seniors and caregivers can relax in a comfortable atmosphere while care is provided.

Disruption To Routine

Routine is extremely important for seniors with Alzheimer’s. Disrupting that routine to take them to a medical appointment can leave them distressed for days. But with home health care there’s minimal disruption to their routine and less stress for everyone involved, including caregivers. Home health care is a great way for seniors with Alzheimer’s to get routine medical care.

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