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Home Care Tips to Cool Off the Home

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Now that summers are getting hotter it’s more important than ever to keep cool. Seniors who are aging in place and don’t want to spend a fortune cooling off a large family home need to know these tips and tricks that will help keep energy bills down. There are lots of easy and inexpensive ways to minimize heat loss, keep the sun out, and maintain a cool temperature inside the house without blasting the air conditioner. Seniors that have home care can have a home care provider help them do these things to cool off the house:

Put Up Thermal Curtains

Thermal curtains, also known as room-darkening or light-blocking curtains, can really help control the temperature in your home. In the winter they are fantastic for blocking the cold and helping to keep heat in. And in the summer they do the opposite. They can block the sun to prevent the house from getting too warm. And keep the cool air from the air conditioner in.
Seniors who already have curtains they like who don’t want to change them can use a DIY hack to make a thermal lining for their curtains. Buy some cotton flannel at the fabric store and pin a couple pieces together to make a piece of flannel the same size as the curtain. Then pin the flannel on the back of the curtain using safety pins. That will act as a thermal liner.

Block Air From Leaking Out

It’s not enough to just block the heat from coming in. Blocking off drafts and places where air leaks will help keep the cool air inside. Use draft stoppers, door stoppers, and weatherstripping tape to block gaps in doors and windows. Sealing up those gaps will help maintain a consistent cool temperature inside.

Close Vents And Doors

Seniors that are living in large family homes don’t need to waste money or cool air trying to cool off every room in the house. Close vents in the bedrooms that aren’t being used. Close the doors and put draft stoppers along the bottom of the doors. That way the air-conditioned air will be forced into the rooms where seniors are actually spending their time. It will keep the house cooler and reduce energy bills.

Change The Direction Of Ceiling Fans

Did you know that the direction that a ceiling fan turns makes a big difference? If not, don’t feel bad. Many people don’t know that the fan’s direction is important. In the winter fans should spin clockwise to force hot air down where it will keep the house warm. But in the summer the direction needs to be changed. When ceiling fans spin counter-clockwise they are moving hot air up and out. There should be a button on the fan that can be pressed or a switch that can be flipped to change the direction of the fan. Make sure the fans in the house are running counter-clockwise to help keep the house cool.

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